Bob Caren

Bob Caren is a trainer at Swatpro Academy.

I am a trainer for Swatpro Academy and I am a certified Business Made Simple University Coach. I run two masterclasses, one on Claifying Your Message and one on Understanding People as Customers and Clients. The sessions combine work on Business Made Simple University with personal development skills that are essential for digital marketers.

I do not really have a typical day. Every day is a little different from the last. I run my own People Communication Consultancy. That means I coach, train and consult on all types of people communication skills such as; presentations, negotiation, influence and persuasion and team-building.

I have run my own business for nearly 25 years, previous to that I was the Marketing Director for a UK based, international children’s clothing retailer.

I do the work I do to make a difference for others, even if it’s only a small difference. I measure my days by how much difference I have made for someone I have worked with in that day.

I feel I have many notable successes. Quite often I can return to a business a year later and meet people who credit me (in part) with getting a promotion as a result of what they have learned from me and the confidence it has given them. This is why I do what I do.

A good trainer is adaptable and always learning. Having done this for 25 years I have faced numerous challenges in helping different personalities to understand and engage with subject material. There is not just one way to teach a topic. I also believe in the Feynman technique that says you should learn a subject so well that you can communicate it simply to someone else. If a trainer cannot simply describe the subject, it’s questionable if they understand it to a high enough level.

Ideally, I like to work with clients and learners who want to learn. It is incredibly difficult to share effective training with people who do not want to be there. I like to adapt my training programmes to the needs of my clients rather than sell them a one-size-fits-all programme. I also put a lot of emphasis on having purpose for the training. I am not interested in just providing people with knowledge. Understanding and value is only derived when training is put into practice and people are allowed to make mistakes. That is when the best learning comes.

I do what I love as a job. In my spare time I like to do personal development work. I am really interested in areas such as memory and memorisation, hypnosis, mental mathematics and focus and meditation. I like team sports and play five a side football and I am a listener of music and have incredibly broad taste in music; Stormzy to Vaughn Williams and Joan Baez to Metallica.