Clare Yau

Clare Yau is Swatpro Adademy's Digital Marketing Coach.

I’ve worked my way up during my career and been through the full journey of being the only person doing marketing for a company to being in charge of Nottinghamshire County Council’s marketing with a multi-disciplinary team of 50, and then on to being a marketing consultant. Also, I’ve previously recruited and managed a digital marketing apprentice and managed their line manager. All of this, coupled with working in a number of different marketing roles and across a range of different sectors, helps me in the role of Marketing Coach.

I describe the role of Marketing Coach as a ‘rock of support’ and I’m passionate about guiding and supporting apprentices and line managers throughout the apprenticeship journey. Ultimately, I help ensure that learners stay on track to pass their apprenticeship, so that they can fulfil their potential and deliver the most value possible to their company.

A typical day involves holding monthly learner review sessions with apprentices and line managers, plus working alongside other coaches and trainers to deliver the best possible apprenticeship.

What makes me most proud is using marketing as a force for good and seeing learners achieve their full potential. Marketing is all about helping people after all.

Over the years, I’ve won a number of industry awards for campaigns and projects I’ve led, including: UK Digital Experience Awards (Digital Agency/Team), UKUX Awards (Best Public Sector for new website) and LGcommunications Reputation Awards (Comms Team of the Year). Plus, been a Finalist in: CorpComms Awards, NextGen Digital Challenge Awards and CIM Excellence Awards.

I believe that being a good trainer is able to bring marketing theory and practice together; it’s about being able to listen and coach - ask searching questions and empower apprentices to lead their own learning journey; it’s about using real industry experience to relate to situations that apprentices find themselves in. As a trainer, I remain committed to my own continuous professional development (this a requirement of my professional status as a Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing).

I’ve two primary school age children and love walking, dancing and generally making the most out of life with family and friends.