Dave Massey

Dave Massey is Training Specialist with the digital team at Swatpro Academy. Dave delivers the tutoring for a variety of digital apprenticeships and associated training. He says a typical day might include catching up with apprentices via review meetings; supporting apprentices with specific needs; generating marketing material to celebrate the successes of our apprentice’s achievements as well as keeping up-to-date with any educational funding and qualification changes. He also works on Management Information (MI), auditing and compliance within the wider business community, as well as working with partner organisations.

Dave has always worked in post-16 education, in the South-West and nationally. His roles include in adult, community and further education and include tutor, assessor, internal verifier and national network centre manager. He says: "I am passionate about how learning, education and IT technology can improve people’s lives, both personally and professionally and seeing the difference it makes.

"Generally, I get great satisfaction from seeing learners achieve their qualifications and realise their goals. Within my work, I enjoy being able to help others progress further within their careers to allow them to access better life chances and opportunities through the power of gaining and developing their skills, knowledge and qualifications."

Dave lists clear communication, extensive liaison and being adaptable as the critical skills that make a good trainer.

Away from work, Dave can be found visiting local food and drink events and enjoying the beautiful countryside of the South-West.