Del Anning

Del Anning is lead teacher/trainer with Swatpro Academy. Del says his work involves imparting knowledge, coaching, organising, scheduling, motivating, supporting and being flexible to change

He is well-qualified for the role, having spent 35 years' experience as a trained chef and a kitchen manager, as well as having worked as a teacher and tutor. Del's career began in one of Torbay’s most prestigious restaurants where his skills saw him rise up to head chef. After working in a range of different establishments, Del became executive chef for Paignton Zoo, designing their restaurants and conference catering offer, building a million-pound business. A passion for training new recruits led Del to pursue teaching, and he took post-graduate qualifications in this before moving into full-time training/assessing 14 years ago.

Del says his proudest achievements are "Helping learners achieve, especially those who doubt themselves or have been let down in the past. Also seeing them move up to greatness in their profession, knowing I helped them along that path."

He says as a trainer it is imperative to get to know learners well, so he can understand their circumstances, individual needs and be responsive to both the apprentices and their employers. A sense of humour is another must, he adds with a chuckle.

Away from the kitchen, music plays a big role in Del's life. He plays bass and for the past 22 years has been a member of a nine-piece ska/reggae band, touring all over the UK and Europe. Del says the experience of managing a band on the road helps hone his tutoring skills. He also enjoys watching live music and sport, as well as spending quality time with his family.