Jen Scott

Jen Scott is Swatpro Academy’s trainer/tutor in Hospitality and Catering. Jen teaches numerous apprenticeship roles, including hospitality team member, supervisor, manager, production and commis chefs. She also tutors functional skills in maths and English. Jen spends a typical day on the road and visiting learners in their place of work, teaching remotely, observing learners progress, liaising with employers and embedding the necessary knowledge for the apprentice. The key is a bespoke approach, and flexible approaches to on site and distance learning.

Jen says: "It is a three-way relationship, one that we all play a part in. Nurturing and developing an individual so they reach that end goal of achieving their qualification. Equipping them with a host of knowledge and skills which aids them in their career of choice and the chance of new opportunities attainable.

"Being on site with learner gives me the opportunity to observe their skills and behaviors in their role and see a natural progression in their skills as they develop. We have one on one lessons where we focus on the knowledge side of the qual, I also cover functional skills, if it’s part of the apprenticeship the learner needs to accomplish for their qualification."

Before Academy, Jen’s career began as a chef at a hotel and also a nursing home, before moving to supervisory roles in large industrial kitchens and eventually being responsible for the catering of 11 primary schools in Devon. Jen is very much a "people person" and she says she has always enjoyed helping junior staff develop their skills and progress their careers and taking teaching qualifications to aid this was "the best decision I made".

Away from work, her big loves are her Golden Retriever, called Mouse, and her very vocal African Grey Parrot, Bubba. She loves dog walks and conversation over a pint, but has also enjoyed camping holidays.