Martin Wear

Martin Wear is Engineering Centre Manager at Swatpro Academy. He delivers smooth running of the engineering centre, supporting learners, staff and employers. Ensuring the delivery is fulfilling the apprenticeship requirements with high quality training and knowledge. In addition to managing the centre, he would regularly be in the classroom delivering level 2 and 3 course material.

In the past Martin has worked as Engineering Apprentice, Development Engineer, Systems and Product Manager, Business Development Manager. He was also a Engineering Lecturer, Academic Team Leader & Delivery Manager.

Nearly 20 years spent in various roles of manufacturing engineering, developing the knowledge and skills in engineering as well as completing a Mechanical Engineering degree, before a change in career direction to train and educate the next generation of engineers. He joined the education sector in 2005, and over time had the opportunity to develop the understanding of the learning and education environment with a goal to make a difference for all.

He is proud of the success of all learners and staff achievements, especially those who have had to overcome difficulties, and are now on a career path to success.

Martin Wear is a good trainer with knowledge and experience, and plenty of patience. He has a clear communication and the skills to adapt to meet the learners need and thoroughly enjoy working directly with the individuals.

Away from work, Martin can be found playing cricket for a local village side for a number of years. In the last twelve months he has started running regularly.