Mike Collings

Mike Collings is the Digital Apprenticeships Manager at Swatpro Academy. As such, Mike is the man who both oversees the management and continuous development of the BCS approved Digital Apprenticeships for Academy, ensuring they adhere to educational frameworks and adhere to Ofsted guidelines. His role goes beyond management however, and Mike coaches both Level 3 and Level 4 learners and lectures the BCS Apprenticeship Knowledge Modules in the classroom. He also heads continuously improving apprenticeship delivery quality through OTLA, SAR and QIP.

It's a job Mike is well prepared for. He came to Academy from other well-regarded IT trainers and has worked for many years in the sector, managing projects and departments and eventually working as Head of IT for a multinational company.

Mike’s efforts have helped Academy achieve a 100% Distinction pass-rate for learners, and he is proud of the IT careers he has helped to start. He jokes that his other achievement is understanding all the acronyms that are used in education! He adds that his job hinges on: "Working with very talented IT managers and using my experience and skills relating to their role and understanding their requirements whilst promoting the benefits of the apprenticeship program."

Away from work, Mike is a fully qualified football referee and has reffed a game at Plymouth Argyle. He and his family also enjoy surfing on the North Cornish coast.