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Unlocking your potential via an Apprenticeship

Many decades ago apprenticeships were something that were mainly seen in craft and technical professions – engineers and electricians for example.

But in modern times, the range of jobs in which apprenticeships are available has multiplied to incorporate pretty much every sector of the working world.

They offer both professional and personal development, leaving the successful apprentice with real employment skills, as Kathryn Rutherford will attest.

Kathryn, 21, says she hadn’t achieved much in the formal environment of school, and her struggles to pass GCSEs left her feeling a failure in life.

But far from failing, Kathryn now has a handful of employer-friendly certificates after successfully completing an apprenticeship course with the help of Swatpro Academy.

Exeter-based Swatpro Academy works with clients in the hospitality and catering sectors all across the South West.

They helped Kathryn achieve her Intermediate (level 2) Apprenticeship in the Food & Beverage sector, as well as a functional skills certificate (level 1) in Maths and English.

She is full of praise for Del Anning from the Academy, and Swatpro’s people-focused approach to training:

"Del was a massive help through this and supported me even when I was experiencing personal issues. The help was always there."

"I would definitely recommend doing an NVQ because it is very helpful for your future goals. You always get the help you need from your assessor."

Kathryn was involved in waitressing and bar work and the professional skills and confidence the apprenticeship has given her has helped her secure a career-enhancing move of employer.

She is now planning to undertake an advanced (level 3) apprenticeship in the industry.

Unlocking your potential via an Apprenticeship