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The new standard in hospitality management

A new apprenticeship, a new discipline and a great new step-up for a career in hospitality management is the offer at Swatpro Academy.

The Exeter-based specialists – part of the Swatpro umbrella organisation of highly experienced training companies – now offers a Level 4 Apprenticeship standard in Hospitality Management.

Along with the new Standard, comes a new trainer, Jenny Scott, fresh from a high-flying career with various large organisations and with an extensive background in training for the industry.

“It’s very exciting to be involved with this new Apprenticeship Standard,” she says.

“I’ve got a real passion for instilling best practice. For developing people to a high professional standard in the hospitality industry.”

The qualification is ideal for people already working in the industry in a supervisory position who want to take the first step into management.

It has applications for hotel, pub, restaurant, coffee shop, conference centre, canteen and other hospitality roles.

“The Apprenticeship Standard takes the study much deeper than the old Apprenticeship framework. It’s less of a ‘ticking the boxes’ approach,” Jenny explains.

“It’s based more on evidence that skills have been learned and discussions with the apprentices to demonstrate comprehension of the learning”.

“They study at their place of work with plenty of one-on-one guidance from myself and others who will guide them through their Apprenticeship.”

As well as more traditional hospitality industry skills, Apprentices learn crucial management functions, such as HR skills, marketing, financial oversight, and risk management assessment.

Technology is important as well, and on the 18-month course, learners will be given a grounding in using spreadsheets and other software.

“We look to provide what the industry wants, and the response from employers has been very good,” says Jenny.

“Offering this Apprenticeship not only allows employers to upskill existing staff, but it shows a willingness to invest in people’s future and provide a career ladder – and that pays dividends in staff retention.

“That is important as traditionally this industry has had high staff turnover rates.”

For Apprentices she says, undertaking the training: “shows hospitality management is a career for you, not just ‘a job’.”

With the first learners six months into their training, Jenny is fielding interest in the Standard all the time – and Swatpro have helped her deal with this.

“They’ve been very helpful to me as a new trainer here. Always very approachable, full of good advice and of course they have their finger on the pulse of all the new developments in training”.

The new standard in hospitality management