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2020 - our reflections

Some positive outcomes and reflections of 2020 from our team.

“We had to adapt and embrace technology and the digital world much faster than we would have ever planned or thought that we were capable of doing”.
Pilar Diaz-Caneja MI & Compliance Manager

“I think we have more consideration for work colleagues and people in general now.
Pilar Diaz-Caneja MI & Compliance Manager

“We now have more awareness of people’s personal lives and how these fit around work or vice versa."
Pilar Diaz-Caneja MI & Compliance Manager

“We have had 139 learners go through end-point assessment during the lockdowns and from these 35% achieved a distinction, 53% a merit and 12% passed. 100% Pass rate overall. This is a fantastic achievement for all involved!”
Kathy Harrison-Ford, Business Development and Support Manager

“We might all be in different boats, but we have weathered the same storm and have a bright new year to look forward to.”
Stacy Harrall-Phillips, Business Skills Tutor

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, I have learnt to appreciate the more important things within my life, such has family, friends and to value time spent with them all.”
Stacy Harrall-Phillips, Business Skills Tutor

“The thing which stands out from 2020 is how quickly everyone as a team has adapted and adjusted to a totally different way of working remotely and that there is always someone at the end of a ‘Teams’ or the phone if you need them.”
Pamela Martin, Swatpro Administrator

“Overcome in the face of adversity…

Apprentices kept on learning; employers kept on earning. We have had challenges and had to change; new working rules thrown at us…. But we kept on doing what we do best. Business are still running, some even recruiting. The hospitality industry is one that will always bounce back, the public need it. We will face whatever 2021 has install for us bring on our next lot of 2021 apprentices!!”
Jen Scott, Hospitality Tutor

“Our digital programme has been successfully developed to embrace the sudden need for a blended learning approach with leaners continuing to gain skills and knowledge together with vendor qualifications throughout lockdown as part of our successful delivery online. Whilst the change has been an obstacle for some providers we have adapted and produced some amazing results and risen to the challenge of 2020. We are looking forward to continuing our success in 2021 and being the employer’s choice for digital apprenticeships in the South-West.”
Mike Collings, Digital Apprenticeships Manager

“Looking back at the last year, it has been great to see the continued success of our learners working towards and completing their digital IT apprenticeships. In normal times, any such accomplishments would be considered a great achievement in terms of juggling the demands of an apprenticeship programme on top of their day-to-day work and personal lives. However, considering the additional challenges faced working around the coronavirus outbreak learners have overcome such obstacles with great results to benefit their future career opportunities and their organisation.”
David Massey Digital Tutor

“2020 has brought about many changes for everyone. The biggest change for me was joining Swatpro and being welcomed into the team. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful, and one thing I have noticed more than anything else since joining the team is the hard-work, dedication and commitment of each and everyone at Swatpro and Swatpro Academy and I am looking forward to what 2021 will bring for us all.” (Donna Stuckey, Training Manager Swatpro/Swatpro Academy

2020 - our reflections