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Learning Achievement in Lockdown

With restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments closed, workers run the risk of letting their culinary skills get rusty.

At Swatpro Academy our Hospitality and Catering team is keeping our apprentices as sharp as a set of kitchen knives, using video technology and live streams.

One such apprentice is Joanne Lugar, who is an Apprentice Commis Chef at the Hornsbury Mill Hotel near Chard

Jo is approaching the end point assessment of her training. She is expanding her required recipe log by making creations in her family kitchen, under the eye of Academy’s Jenny Scott, who watches via a video call.

Recent challenges include trout with Hollandaise sauce.

“Unfortunately, a Hollandaise sauce can be a tricky one! And the first attempt split, but our budding chef Jo won’t be beaten,” Jenny recalls.

“The second attempt was a success. The third attempt made while tutor and learner video linked, not only was it a success, but Jo was able to chat through the process at each stage oozing confidence in the task at hand.

“Lockdown won’t hold this young lady back!” says Jenny

Jo appreciates the video coaching.

“It's a brilliant way to get the help and support for your qualification. Jenny is an amazing person and that keeps me motivated during lockdown to get a higher grade.

“With her help I can succeed in doing it. Hopefully, when Covid-19 is over I can get back into work to finalise dishes ready for my EPA with Jenny's help.” Jo says

In the meanwhile, Jo’s family are enjoying sampling her ’course work‘just as customers in south Somerset will enjoy sampling her recipes in the future.

Learning Achievement in Lockdown