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Amy's a living lesson in learning

Trainer Amy Fenegan has a great insight into the value of apprenticeships and training – her household is living proof.

She is one of Swatpro Academy’s newest recruits, joining as an expert Business Skills trainer/assessor, but when she left school her career options looked quite different.

Amy had her children at a young age and didn’t continue on in education, instead taking a series of short-term jobs in waitressing, reception work and suchlike.

“My story shows the value of training and continuing to learn beyond schools,” she says.

“The jobs I did back then were not long-term, but one day I had a boss who saw some potential in me and sent me on a training course,” she remembers.

“I was transfixed. It was great how this trainer was able to clearly pass on knowledge and practical help. From then on, you could say I was a bit addicted to taking training courses – I’ve taken 12 so far.”

Her continued development allowed Amy to move up the career ladder and move into the world of training and assessing.

She isn’t the only member of her household who followed this trajectory: her son left school before A-levels, but took an apprenticeship that led to him working as a marine biologist.

“I’m proud of all my learners’ achievements, but it gives me great pleasure when I work with people like me who were a bit turned-off education, but come back into it via practical training,” she explains.

“I’ve worked with some learners as they’ve worked through courses at different levels and watched their careers blossom and progress.

“Apprenticeships and training really are for everyone. No one needs to be ‘stuck’ doing the same thing if they don’t want to. It’s never too late to learn new skills.”

At Swatpro Academy, Amy works with apprentices undergoing Level 3 Business Administration, Level 4 School Business Professional and Level 5 Management courses.

Who are her typical clients?

“They are quite diverse: I work with secondary schools, GP practices, accountancy firms – even a donkey sanctuary,” she expands.

“The one thing that is consistent is each employer gets a bespoke course so they end up with a trained staff member with the skills they need.”

Training is always conducted one-to-one, with Amy typically seeing learners face-to-face once a month, but being in touch via distance learning throughout the course.

What is her best tip for trainers?

“Contextualise what people are learning. Once people understand why you are asking them to do certain things in a certain way, it starts to make sense to them and will stick in their minds and become best practice,” she notes.

And finally, how is she finding working for Swatpro Academy?

“I knew the Swatpro Academy team and set-up before I transferred here,” she explains.

“It’s been great. We have a terrific team, great support and I share the Swatpro Academy ethos. Which is about having a real passion for helping people achieve their potential.”

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Amy's a living lesson in learning