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An apprenticeship of distinction is Millie’s first step to a lifelong career

Millie Northmore enjoyed her time in education, but she knew she wanted to get out and make her way in the world of paid work rather than go straight on to college.

For Millie, an apprenticeship has proved the key to unlocking a worthwhile career in business administration, learning new skills and growing her confidence.

The 18-year-old has just completed her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration, gaining a distinction to the delight of her employers, Trinity Independent Mortgages, as well as herself.

The experience she says has brought her a range of new skills as well as being crucial to her self-development. She encourages others to do likewise.

“I would say go for the apprenticeship because I haven't looked back since. The benefit is that you meet new people of all ages, make friends and gain a whole wide range of knowledge,” she notes.

Her apprenticeship was supervised and assessed by Stacy Harrall-Phillips of Swatpro Academy.

Millie’s training began with another provider, but she followed Stacy in her move to Swatpro, regional experts in providing this type of training.

Stacy comments, “It has been a pleasure working with Millie as her assessor and watching her grow professionally. I know Millie has a bright future ahead of her within business administration.”

On Millie’s part, she says Stacy was a “huge part of the process”.

“[She] helped me all throughout the apprenticeship, even when changing training providers, she was still there to help me with the work I was doing.”

Now Millie is determined to “make a difference” at her Plymouth-based workplace, and wants to continue her training journey to acquire new skills and competencies, as she establishes her career.

An apprenticeship of distinction is Millie’s first step to a lifelong career