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My Apprenticeship Journey – Maddie Clark

No matter where you are in your career journey, apprenticeships can help you. The programmes of study have been put together with the full involvement of business and industry, tailor-making them to be ideal for real-life job roles.

Maddie Clark is completing an operations/departmental manager apprenticeship (level 5) with tutoring and supervision from Swatpro Business Skills Academy, the regions experts in such training.She works at Minehead Eye, a community interest company.

Asked why she chose an apprenticeship, Maddie answers: “I wanted to access additional qualifications but didn’t have the financial capacity to give up work to complete a degree.

“The knowledge element of the apprenticeship complements my work and enables me to do things I hadn’t thought of, improve my performance in my role, as well as learning new ways to complete tasks. I think it makes me better at my job and I don’t feel like I am just sat doing course work all the time as I am implementing it as I learn.”

She adds that the training has left her with “better opportunities within my organisation, I love to learn, and it gives me the knowledge behind why I do things in a certain way and identifying where I may already be working at that level to collect evidence towards my apprenticeship.”

When Maddie was asked if she’d recommend undertaking an apprenticeship via Swatpro she said: “I think it’s really beneficial. The apprenticeship works well with the workplace and learning applies to both, it has given me different ways of working, tools to use that benefit both myself and my employer.

“I would recommend it; it gives you a way to learn and give you a qualification while earning money.”

My Apprenticeship Journey – Maddie Clark