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Ofsted recognises “outstanding” attributes of Swatpro

Swatpro, the not-for-profit partnership between some of the most progressive and employment-focused training providers in the South-West, has received some very positive feedback from its latest Ofsted inspection.

Swatpro liaises and advises 22 partner organisations who between them guide 1,400 learners through apprenticeships, diplomas and other work-based skills training.

In its 5-yearly inspection (delayed by a year due to the Covid pandemic) Ofsted was pleased with the "good" standard of training given and rated the learning given in ‘behaviour and attitudes’ as outstanding.

“Apprentices quickly become effective team players who are productive and respected by their peers and managers… [and] are highly motivated to achieve their qualifications and also want to make progress in their careers.

“Learners rapidly gain new knowledge that they apply at work. For example, one learner applied what she had learned about safeguarding children to help her employer develop a new policy for the care home where she worked.”

Ofsted noted how membership of the Swatpro network raised standards and helped individual partners.

“Swatpro leaders have high aspirations for, and engage very professionally with, their partners. They provide a professional network that supports the sharing of good practice and sector information successfully.

“They provide them with pertinent information and identify areas for improvement. Leaders have also developed a useful bespoke learning and information portal used well as a learning resource by learners, employers and partners.

“Leaders promote a culture of high aspirations and learner-focused provision. Partners share this culture, providing training that learners and employers value highly.”

Ofsted was clear that the collaborative, Swatpro approach paid dividends in practical terms.

“Leaders in all providers in the Swatpro partnership, including Swatpro itself, have clear and ambitious strategies for their various curriculums. These curriculums are rich in content and reflect local and regional employment priorities.

“Curriculums for apprentices are designed carefully to ensure that apprentices build their new skills, knowledge and behaviours progressively. The topics managers choose are carefully selected to help apprentices deepen their understanding of key concepts, methodologies and practices sequentially.

“Curriculum leaders readily adapt their curriculums to reflect changes in the sectors in which they specialise. This means that apprentices’ learning is always relevant and current and best meets their and their employers’ needs.”

Swatpro was rated as good in all areas it operated in, with the aforementioned outstanding rating given for behaviours and attitudes tutoring.

The overall good rating follows the positive pattern set by Swatpro since its founding in 2011, with its two previous inspections also rating it as good.

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Ofsted recognises “outstanding”  attributes of Swatpro