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Shaneece’s ‘super heroes’ give her a flying start

Swatpro Academy just love giving learners the best possible boost to their careers and are delighted when apprentices are enthusiastic about their courses.

Shaneece Broome is undertaking a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship with Devon-based Willow Wellbeing, and doing Level 2 Functional Maths and English at the same time. All disciplines are mentored by Swatpro Academy tutors.

Jen Scott, who oversees Shaneece’s maths course, says: “I have never had a student put so much effort and time into maths. She is a single mum and I am in awe of her dedication to her studies.”

Stacy Harrall-Phillips, who is tutor/assessor on the business and English courses, says: “Shaneece is so hard working with her Maths with Jen, her apprenticeship work and now English with me.

“I can honestly say she is an amazing learner and a pleasure to work with her as her assessor.”

And the love is returned, Shaneece calls Jen her “super hero” for getting her further in maths than she got at school.

Whether it is learning functional skills, or undertaking a career-orientated apprenticeship, Swatpro Academy’s tutors have the ability to make the most of your natural talents. Now that really is a super power!

Shaneece’s ‘super heroes’ give her a flying start