Welcome to Swatpro Engineering Academy

Engineering and manufacturing skills are essential for business success and the engineering academy provide apprenticeships in Manufacturing, Machining and Mechatronics.

The apprenticeship Standards provide an individual with the essential skills and knowledge in machining and mechatronics, whilst preparing their behaviours for their role. Specific skills being developed in machining using conventional and CNC machine tools, as well as the supporting knowledge in mathematical techniques and the science of material removal.

Swatpro Academy's engineering delivery partner is the British Engineering Manufacturers Association (BEMA) training centre at Yate. BEMA have a dedicated training centre to aid recruitment and the training of apprentices, graduates and the workforce so that industry can combat the shortfall in trained, qualified engineers.

Swatpro Engineering Academy


Manufacturing and Mechatronics EngineerManufacturing engineers and mechatronic engineers are responsible for the manufacture